In Pursuit of Taste

“Death over Designer”


“Lana del Pay”

“Eye $EE U”

“The Pin Up”

“Can I Get My Thrills?”

“Mickey Mou$e Club”

“Fight Club”

“Gimme the loot”

“Mutha and Child”

“Mormony Mo’ Problems”


“Young Forever”


“Thi$ i$ not a role model”

“Been There, Done That”

“Why Should I Be Sad?”

Stickers in Oakland, CA


Pyramids in Wynwood

Make a bitch rich

Stickers in NYC

Mural at Skate Park in Oakland, CA

Street Art in Miami

Stickers in Miami

Want To See A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him

Don’t Feel Sorry For Rich People

It’s Always Raining Men Girl, What You Worried Bout?